He might be young, but songwriter, producer, activist and King Youngblood (Formally known as Gypsy Temple)  frontman Cameron Lavi-Jones is no rookie–with hundreds of shows played, this twenty-year-old ‘kid’ is a grown-ass musician. After ten years of live performance, Lavi-Jones is effortless on stage, delivering infectiously energetic shows from house parties to festivals. Lavi-Jones: “When I’m on stage, it’s one of very few places on earth, that is only for me and our band.” A strong belief in doing what is right lies at the core of what drives Lavi-Jones and his band and that belief seeps into his creative expressions as a musician, as an activist, and as a human. Lavi-Jones: “As a black Jew, I’ve been incredibly lucky to grow up with a sense of pride in who I am and my dual cultures.  I am grateful my songs and band give me the forum to speak my mind and lift up others.” 


Check out King Youngblood’s youth mental health non-profit – Hold Your Crown: