The Chanukah Party - Our Menorah Spits Hot Fire

What’s it all about, Alfie? Find out below.

Q: What is The Chanukah Party?

Now in it’s third year, The Chanukah Party is an annual multi-media community celebration featuring live standup comedy, musical performances, a dance party, and much delicious food. This year’s Chanukah Party is at Washington Hall on Sunday, December 29th, 2019, at 6:15pm.

Q: Why a Chanukah Party?

A: Why not? No one thinks twice when you say you’re throwing a Christmas Party. I (Blake) just happen to be a Jew.

Q: Oh, so this is like a religious thing?

A: Nope. This party is completely secular; all are welcome. It’s really just an excuse to throw a great party, but if you need to know, I’ll tell you I agree with comedian and semi-famous Jew Marc Maron in that I identify as “culturally Jewish”–I love a big meal with family and friends. I love great entertainment and comedy (really these things could describe any culture).

Q: So what can I expect from the evening?

A spread of delicious food, including Matzo ball soup, potato latkes and our world famous Bagel Bar. Hand-crafted goods by vendors T-Dub Customs and kemexkeme. Short sets of standup by comedians Vanessa Dawn and Isaac Novak, THEN a trio of musical performances: the inimitable Shaina Shepherd, the newly christened King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) doing a rare unplugged set, and the cinematic noir pop band Hotels (featuring Adra Boo), celebrating the release of brand new music! Cap off the night with a dance party led by a DJ Tag Team of Silk Safari and Ruben Mz. Plus, VJ Blazinspace will provide mind-bending, love-inducing visuals all night long.

Q: Wow. Sounds Great. Where can I get tickets?

Via Brown Paper Tickets here.

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: Leave any hate, bigotry, and othering at home; love is required for entry. This event is by and for people of different cultures, colors, and faiths. Nobody leaves till all the bread gets broken, dig?