Blammer & Wong

Blammer & Wong are Blake Madden and Mike Wong respectively. These two friends have spent the last six years throwing once-a-month dinner parties in and around Seattle at revolving locations. Maybe you’ve been to one before. If not, this will be a helluva place to start.

Food and Friends

Blammer & Wong love food, and they love making food together, hence the need to regularly party and stuff food into people’s faces. Past parties have included various themes based on the culinary offerings of certain locales (Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, etc.) or themes based on random flights of fancy (All red food, Breakfast at night, what and how George Clooney would eat with friends on Lake Como, etc.). 

Blammer & Wong Go Full Clooney

Last year–for the first time–we began taking suggested donations for a few dinners, each one benefitting a separate cause or non-profit chosen by the host. We were able to raise some money for local orgs like ROOTS Young Adult Shelter and Broadway Bound, just by making dinner for our friends. What if we could make the party bigger, the cause bigger, the fundraising bigger?

Blammer & Wong Host The Chanukah Party 2017
Blammer & Wong Host The Chanukah Party 2017. Photo by Alan Lawrence

This year’s Chanukah Party will no doubt be the most ambitious Blammer & Wong offering to date.

Food. Always Food.

Haven’t been to one of our parties before? Welcome.  Blammer & Wong parties are about community, and our community is always growing. We’re happy to have you.

We’ll see you on December 8th!

– Blammer & Wong (Your Hosts)